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2015 Purple Ribbon Award recipient Mary Huffman with some of the past recipients

Photo from left to right:Rhonda Hallberg, Mary Huffman, Dr. David Warren, Maureen Reid, Janet Izum

On October 27th - as part of Child Abuse Prevention month - the Child Abuse Prevention Council presented Mary Huffman with the 2015 Purple Ribbon Award.  This is given in recognition of exceptional contributions to the education, awarenessand advocacy of child abuse prevention.  

Mary Huffman has been a public health nurse with the Middlesex-London Health Unit for many years.  Working closely with new mothers to empower them to effectively parent their children, Mary’s kind and gentle manner has helped her engage with the most resistant young parents.  Her genuine empathy has been evident not only with the young mothers that she supported but also through her strong mentorship of community-based nurses.  Following the Jordan Heikamp inquest, Mary was instrumental in the development of the Community Plan to Protect Infants Living in High Risk Environments.  This innovative community response enhances communication between service partners and wraps supports around families to increase safety for infants and young children.  

Mary was also a strong voice on many community committees advocating for compassion and service excellence for at risk families.  She was also a welcomed professional in the lives of many isolated and vulnerable women.  Her compassion and kindness has made a difference in the lives of so many people.  The Child Abuse Prevention Council is honoured to recognize Mary’s exceptional contributions with gratitude for her dedication and loving commitment to children and families in our community.